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Choosing COBRA Coverage
You and/or your covered dependents must choose to continue coverage within 60 days after the later of the:
  • Date you and/or your covered eligible dependents would lose coverage because of the qualifying event; or
  • Date you are notified of your and/or your covered eligible dependents' right to continue coverage because of the qualifying event (that is, the date of your COBRA Enrollment Notice).
If you make no election during the 60-day period, you waive your right to continue coverage. Each qualifying beneficiary has an independent right to elect COBRA coverage. Covered employees may elect coverage on behalf of their spouses, and parents may elect coverage on behalf of their children.
You will receive COBRA materials approximately two weeks after the date they are notified of the qualifying event. These materials will describe the enrollment instructions and time frames for making your elections. You will have a period of 60 days from the date of your qualifying event to elect COBRA coverage. Important Note: You must make an election at the time COBRA coverage is offered—it is not automatically provided.