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Continuation Coverage for a Domestic Partner Dependent
A domestic partner or the children of a domestic partner who are not your tax dependents are not eligible for COBRA continuation coverage under federal law. However, JPMorgan Chase provides COBRA-like coverage if your domestic partner (and his or her eligible children) was covered under the JPMorgan Chase Medical Plan, Dental Plan and Vision Plan, at the time coverage ended. Call HR Answers for more information.
The rate for domestic partner continuation coverage will be the same as the COBRA rate. Contributions will be made on an after-tax basis and will represent the full value of the coverage plus 2%. If you pass away while continuing your own coverage under COBRA, coverage may be continued by your covered domestic partner for a total of 36 months.
If a second qualifying event occurs anytime within the original 18-month period, COBRA continuation coverage may be extended for an additional 18 months, for a total period of 36 months.