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The U.S. Fertility Benefits Program — This Plan Ended on 6/30/22

Effective 1/1/22
JPMorgan Chase is committed to assisting employees in meeting their diverse family planning needs. Through the Family Building Assistance Policy, financial support is provided to eligible employees to help offset the high cost of adoption, surrogacy, and certain fertility treatments. The U.S. Fertility Benefits Program provides assistance with fertility treatments for individuals who do not have a medical diagnosis of infertility.
This summary will provide you with a better understanding of how the Fertility Benefits Program works, including how and when benefits are paid.

About This Summary Plan Description
This section is the summary plan description (SPD) and the plan document for the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Fertility Benefits Program, which is a benefit offered under the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Medical Plan. This summary plan description provides you with important information required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) about the Program.
While ERISA does not require JPMorgan Chase to provide you with benefits, it does mandate that JPMorgan Chase clearly communicate to you how the Program operates and what rights you have under the law regarding Program benefits. The U.S. Department of Labor requires JPMorgan Chase to routinely provide benefits plan summaries to Program participants. Please retain this section for your records.
Be sure to read the "Program Administration" section for more important details about the Program and this summary plan description.
Please Note: No person or group (other than the plan administrator for the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program) has any authority to interpret the plans (or official plan documents) or to make any promises to you about them. The plan administrator for the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program has complete authority in his or her absolute discretion to construe and interpret the terms of the plans and any underlying insurance policies and/or contracts, including the eligibility to participate in the plans, and to make factual determinations.
All decisions of the plan administrator for the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program are final and binding upon all affected parties. The plan administrators delegate their discretion to interpret the plans to the claims administrators, and to decide claims and appeals, including making factual determinations, to:
  • The claims administrators; and
  • The Health Care and Insurance Plans Appeals Committee.
No Assignment of Benefits
The plans are used exclusively to provide benefits to you and, in some cases, your survivors. Neither you nor JPMorgan Chase can assign, transfer, or attach your benefits, or use them as collateral for a loan. You may not assign your right to file actions under ERISA regarding the plans, or use power of attorney or similar arrangements for that purpose.
Please Note: You may assign to a health care service provider the right to payment. Please contact the HR Answers Benefits Contact Center at 877-JPMChase ((877) 576-2427) for more information.
The JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program is available to most employees on U.S. payroll who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more a week and who are employed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. or one of its subsidiaries to the extent that such subsidiary has adopted the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program. This information does not include all of the details contained in the applicable insurance contracts, plan documents, and trust agreements. If there is any discrepancy between this information and the governing documents, the governing documents will control. JPMorgan Chase & Co. expressly reserves the right to amend, modify, reduce, change, or terminate its benefits and plans at any time. The JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program does not create a contract or guarantee of employment between JPMorgan Chase and any individual. JPMorgan Chase or you may terminate the employment relationship at any time.