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The Long-Term Disability Plan

Effective 1/1/22
JPMorgan Chase recognizes how important income replacement can be to you and your family if you become seriously ill or injured and you can't work. The Long-Term Disability Plan ("LTD Plan") generally pays a benefit if a disability keeps you out of work and you've exhausted your coverage under the Short-Term Disability Plan, provided your disability has been approved by the claims administrator.
The LTD Plan has two components:
  • Group LTD coverage, insured and administered by The Prudential Insurance Company of America ("Prudential"), which allows you to elect to replace Total Annual Cash Compensation (TACC) up to $400,000 or $480,000 (depending on the Group LTD option elected) and pays a monthly benefit of up to $20,000; and
  • Individual Disability Insurance ("IDI") coverage, insured and administered by Unum, which covers the remainder of TACC up to $700,000 or $840,000 (depending on the Group LTD option elected) and pays an additional monthly benefit of up to $15,000.
Employees who meet the LTD Plan's eligibility requirements and who have TACC of less than $60,000 in effect for the plan year are automatically enrolled in Group LTD coverage for that plan year at JPMorgan Chase's expense – no employee contributions are required.
For all other employees, participation in Group LTD coverage is optional, and is available by making after-tax contributions for coverage. However, if you don't enroll and your employment with JPMorgan Chase ends due to total disability, your coverage under certain U.S. Benefits Plans may end.
It is important to give serious consideration to the advantages of LTD coverage before deciding not to enroll.
If you are eligible for IDI coverage, separate information regarding IDI will be sent to you.
This section of the guide will provide you with a better understanding of how your Long-Term Disability Plan coverage works, including how and when benefits are paid.
Important Information for Residents of Certain States
There are state-specific requirements that may change the provisions under the Coverage(s) described in this Group Insurance Certificate. If you live in a state that has such requirements, those requirements will apply to your Coverage(s) and are made a part of your Group Insurance Certificate. Prudential has a website that describes these state-specific requirements. You may access the website at When you access the website, you will be asked to enter your state of residence and your Access Code. Your Access Code is 50684.
Claim related questions for Group LTD: Prudential, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time at (877) 361-4778
Claim related questions and Evidence of Insurability (EOI) forms for Individual Disability Insurance: Covala Group, the administrative service provider for Unum, Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time at (800) 235-3551 or (212) 527 8025. You can also email questions to
General coverage questions: HR Answers:
  • (877) JPMChase ( (877) 576-2427)
  • Quick Path: Enter your Standard ID or Social Security number; press 1; enter your PIN; press 1.
If calling from outside the United States:
  • (212) 552-5100 (GDP# 352-5100)
Service Representatives are available Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time, except certain U.S. holidays.
You can also obtain answers to your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week online at My Health.
The JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program is available to most employees on a U.S. payroll who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more a week and who are employed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. or one of its subsidiaries to the extent that such subsidiary has adopted the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program. This information does not include all of the details contained in the applicable insurance contracts, plan documents, and trust agreements. If there is any discrepancy between this information and the governing documents, the governing documents will control. JPMorgan Chase & Co. expressly reserves the right to amend, modify, reduce, change, or terminate its benefits and plans at any time. The JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program does not create a contract or guarantee of employment between JPMorgan Chase and any individual. JPMorgan Chase or you may terminate the employment relationship at any time.