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Defined Terms

As you read this summary of the JPMorgan Chase Long-Term Disability Plan, you'll come across some important terms related to the plan. To help you better understand the Plan, many of those important terms are defined here.
IDI Definitions Differ
For the items marked below with an asterisk, Individual Disability Insurance ("IDI") uses a different definition or has different rules regarding this term. Please see "Differences from Group LTD coverage" for information about how this term applies to IDI.
Performing all the duties that pertain to your work on a regular basis at the place where they're normally performed or where they're required to be performed by JPMorgan Chase. A person who works at home must be able to report to a place of employment outside the home.
You must be actively-at-work on the date designated by Prudential and/or Unum for either your new coverage or your newly approved increase in your coverage to take effect. Prudential and/or Unum may have additional actively-at-work requirements that are specific to their plans.
After-Tax Contributions
Contributions that are taken from your pay after federal (and in most cases, state and local income taxes) have been withheld. By paying for the plan with after-tax contributions, any benefits you receive from the plan if you become disabled would be tax-free.
Benefits Offset*
Under Group LTD coverage, a reduction for any benefits that could be paid by other disability programs (for example, Social Security or workers' compensation). As a result, your disability benefits paid by other disability programs and Group LTD coverage combined, equal the replacement percentage of Group LTD coverage option you chose (up to the maximum monthly benefit for that option).
Claims Administrator
The company, or its affiliate, that provides certain claims administration services for the Long-Term Disability Plan. The Prudential Insurance Company of America and Unum are the claims administrators for Group LTD coverage and Individual Disability Insurance coverage, respectively.
Group LTD Elimination Period
A period of 182 days before benefits are paid, in which you're prevented from performing the material and substantial duties of your occupation because of an occupational or non-occupational injury or illness. If during an elimination period you recover and are able to return to work as an active employee, the period of time before your return to work will count toward satisfying the requirements for the elimination period if your return to work is for 60 days or less. However, the days that you work as an active employee will not count toward satisfying the requirements for the elimination period.
Evidence of Insurability*
Under Group LTD, information that must be provided to Prudential, the claims administrator, before you can be approved for certain levels of coverage under the plan or if you increase your coverage amount.
Evidence of insurability is also required if you apply for Group LTD or Individual Disability Insurance benefits after you are first eligible.
Under the LTD Plan, an accredited facility licensed to provide care and treatment for the condition causing the covered person's disability.
Indexed Monthly Earnings
Your monthly pre-disability earnings adjusted on the first of July or following the date of disability by the lesser of 10% or the current annual percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Your indexed monthly earnings may increase or remain the same, but they will never decrease.
Material and Substantial Duties of Your Occupation
Under The Group LTD Plan, a duty that is normally required for the performance of your regular occupation, either because of an occupational or non-occupational injury or sickness, and you are unable to perform the duties of any gainful occupation for which you're reasonable fitted by training, education, and experience.
Mental/Nervous Condition*
Under Group LTD, mental, nervous, substance abuse, or emotional disease or disorders of any type. Conditions that are found to be organic in nature are not considered mental illness.
Other Income Benefits*
Under Group LTD, long-term disability benefits are reduced by certain "Other Income Benefits." These may include other income you may be eligible to receive as a result of the same disability for which the plan benefit is payable or income associated with employment in the same or different occupations. Please see "Offsets for Disability Benefits from Other Sources" for examples.
Under Group LTD, you have a pre-existing condition if both 1 and 2, below, are true:
1. You received medical treatment, consultation, care or services, including diagnostic measures, or took prescribed drugs or medicines, or followed treatment recommendation in the 6 months just prior to your effective date of coverage or the date an increase in benefits would otherwise be available.
2. Your disability begins within 12 months of the date your coverage under the plan becomes effective.
Please Note: Special rules apply to pre-existing conditions, if this LTD Plan replaces a prior JPMorgan Chase LTD Plan and you were covered by the former plan on the day before this Plan became effective and you became covered under this Plan within 31 days of its effective date.
Total Annual Cash Compensation
Generally, your Total Annual Cash Compensation (TACC) is your annual rate of base salary/regular pay plus any applicable job differential pay (e.g., shift pay) as of each August 1, plus any cash earnings from any incentive plans (e.g., annual incentive, commissions, draws, overrides, and special recognition payments or incentives) that are paid to or deferred by you for the previous 12-month period ending each July 31. Overtime is not included. It is recalculated as of each August 1 to take effect the following January 1 and will remain unchanged throughout the year. For most employees hired on or after August 1, it will be equal to base salary/regular pay plus applicable job differentials.
Please Note: If you are not actively-at-work as of January 1 on any given year, your Total Annual Cash Compensation for purposes of the Long-Term Disability Plan will be the TACC amount that was in effect for the previous calendar year, and your long-term disability contributions and benefit will be calculated using that amount. Once you are actively-at-work, your TACC will change to the amount that was communicated to you during the fall Annual Benefit Enrollment.