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If Your Situation Changes

The following chart summarizes how your JPMorgan Chase Long-Term Disability Plan coverage may be affected in certain situations:
If Your Work Status Changes
If your work status changes and you become newly eligible for benefits, you will receive enrollment information. You will have 31 days to enroll in Long-Term Disability Plan coverage. No evidence of insurability is required if you enroll during this initial offering. Your coverage begins on the date of your status change.
Your Long-Term Disability Plan coverage will end if your work status change changes and you are then scheduled to work fewer than 20 hours per week. Your coverage will end on the date of the work status change.
If You Go on Disability Leave
Under the Short-Term Disability Plan, you may have the financial protection of full or partial pay for up to 25 weeks. For the approved period of your disability leave, you'll remain eligible to be covered under the Long-Term Disability Plan. JPMorgan Chase will deduct any required contributions for long-term disability coverage from the pay you receive during this leave period. If your TACC is $60,000 or greater and your STD leave is denied at any point during the 182 day elimination period, you must continue to pay your LTD premiums on a direct bill basis to be considered for the LTD benefits by Prudential. Payments made on a direct bill basis made on an after tax basis. Note: If you wish to continue certain benefits, you must make the necessary contributions on a timely basis, even if you do not receive a bill.
If You Qualify for Long-Term Disability Benefits
If you receive long-term disability benefits, your contributions for Long-Term Disability Plan coverage are waived for the duration of your approved LTD leave.
Please Note: Your employment with JPMorgan Chase will end immediately after you have received 24 months of payments under the Long-Term Disability Plan, unless you have requested and been approved for additional leave time as a reasonable accommodation (please see "Termination of Employment After 24 Months of LTD Benefit Payments" for more information).
You will continue to be eligible for LTD benefits provided you meet all contractual provisions outlined in the plan; however you will cease to be eligible for many of the U.S. benefits plans.
If you were on an approved disability leave prior to January 1, 2011, your benefits coverage will continue at active employee rates while you receive benefits under the Long-Term Disability Plan.
If You Go on Leave
Your participation in the Long-Term Disability Plan will end after 16 weeks if you go on:
  • An approved, non-medical paid or unpaid leave of absence, paid or unpaid personal leave of absence; or
  • Military leave (paid or unpaid).
For any unpaid approved leave of absence, you'll still be covered by the Long-Term Disability Plan. JPMorgan Chase will directly bill you for any required contributions on an after-tax basis. However, regardless of whether or not you receive a bill, if you do not make the required contributions to continue your LTD coverage or your approved leave exceeds 16 weeks, your coverage will be canceled. Note: If you wish to continue certain benefits while on any unpaid leave, you must make the necessary contributions on a timely basis, even if you do not receive a bill. Please note your coverage will be automatically reinstated when you return to work if your LTD is company paid (earn less than $60K in Total Annual Cash Compensation). If you pay for your LTD coverage (earn $60K or more in Total Annual Cash Compensation) and your coverage is cancelled, you must re-elect LTD coverage within 31 days of your return to work and you must satisfy Evidence of Insurability before your coverage will be reinstated. Please see the What Happens If… section of this Guide for more Information about what happens to your benefits during unpaid Leave of absence (i.e., FMLA, Military Leave).
If You Work Past Age 65
If you continue to work for JPMorgan Chase after you reach age 65, you can continue to be covered under the Long-Term Disability Plan as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements and pay the required premiums.
If You Leave JPMorgan Chase
Your participation in the Long-Term Disability Plan will end on the date your employment with JPMorgan Chase terminates. If you elected to be covered by Individual Disability Insurance, you may retain it upon leaving JPMorgan Chase by continuing to pay premiums directly to the insurer.