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Defined Terms

As you read this summary of the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Fertility Benefits Program, you'll come across some important terms related to the Program. To help you better understand the Program, many of those important terms are defined here.
Claims Administrator
The claims administrator is the company that provides certain claims administration services for the Program. For the Fertility Benefits Program benefits, the claims administrator is WINFertility.
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) is a federal law that allows you and/or your covered dependents to continue certain health plan coverage on an after-tax basis (under certain circumstances) when coverage would otherwise have ended. "Continuing Health Coverage Under COBRA" provides details on COBRA coverage. You must elect JPMorgan Chase Medical Plan coverage under COBRA to continue the Fertility Benefit under COBRA. There is no additional charge for the Fertility Benefit under COBRA if Medical Plan coverage is elected.
Covered Services
Covered services are services and procedures that are generally reimbursable by the Program. While the Program provides coverage for numerous services and supplies, there are limitations on what's covered. While a service or supply may be necessary, it may not be covered under the Program. Please see the sections that explain what the Program covers and what is not covered for more details.
Introductory Period
All employees, including re-employed individuals, begin employment with a 90-day introductory period, regardless of the length of the break in employment for re-employed individuals. The introductory period does not apply if an employee transfers or is promoted into a new position or if the employee joins the firm through a merger or acquisition.
During the 90-day introductory period of continuous service, employees demonstrate their performance capabilities and assess whether the position is suited to them. The manager also assesses whether the employee is appropriately qualified and suited for the position. The introductory period may also serve as a period of time to complete any training or licensing requirements for the position in which the employee was hired.
At JPMorgan Chase's discretion, there may be times when the introductory period will be extended beyond 90 days. During an employee's introductory period (and throughout employment with JPMorgan Chase) an employee's employment may be terminated at any time without prior warning.
In-Network Provider/Out-of-Network Provider
"In-network" and "out-of-network" are terms referring to whether a provider is part of the WINFertility network (in-network provider) or is not part of the WINFertility network (out-of-network provider).