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Transportation Spending Accounts
For the Transportation Spending Accounts, if your participation ends because your employment with JPMorgan Chase ends, you will have 90 days following your termination date in which you can use any remaining before-tax balances that remain on your commuter card. If you do not use the remaining balance within that 90-day period, the funds remaining at the end of 90 days will be forfeited.
You can incur eligible expenses through the date your participation ends. However, you must cancel your participation in the Transportation Spending Accounts promptly, to avoid forfeiting any contributions. Because your payroll deductions for a given month are used to fund eligible commuting expenses for the following month, cancelling participation before you leave is important. For example, October payroll contributions are used to pay for November expenses. If your employment is ending or you are going on a leave effective November 1, you should cancel your participation between September 2 and October 1 to avoid having Transportation Spending Account contributions for November deducted from your October pay. See the "Schedule of Monthly Enrollment Dates" for details on when contributions would end.
If you participated in the Parking Account portion of the Transportation Spending Account Plan and have a balance in your "Pay Me Back" account, you have 180 days following the end of any month in which you participated to file a claim for reimbursement. You will forfeit any balance remaining after the claims filing deadline.
Any balance on the Parking Debit Card is forfeited as of your termination date.
If you receive a severance notice, please contact the Transportation Spending Accounts Call Center as soon as possible so that your participation in the account and your related deductions may be discontinued. Remember that your elections are effective for the first of the month. If you do not cancel timely, you will pay for benefits for the following month. Refunds cannot be given.
There is no option to continue Transportation Spending Account contributions on an after-tax basis after your participation ends.