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When Participation Begins
Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts
For the Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts, this table explains when your participation begins, depending on when you enroll.
If You:
When Participation Begins:
Are an Employee
The contributions you elect during Annual Benefits Enrollment take effect at the beginning of the following plan year (January 1).
Are a Newly Hired or Newly Eligible Employee**
The elections you make as a new hire take effect as follows:
  • If you are a full-time employee (regularly schedule to work 40 hours per week), participation begins on the first of the month following your date of hire.
  • If you are a part-time employee (regularly scheduled to work at least 20 but less than 40 hours per week), participation begins on the first of the month following 60 days from your date of hire.
Any contributions you make will be deducted from your pay in equal installments throughout the remainder of the year.* For example, if you are hired on June 1 and you elect $1,200, the $1,200 contribution will be divided by the number of pay periods left in the year and an equal amount will be deducted from each paycheck.
Experience a Qualified Status Change**
The contributions you elect as a result of a Qualified Status Change (QSC) (such as marriage, divorce, or the birth or adoption of a child or a work-related event such as an adjustment to your regularly scheduled work hours that results in a change in eligibility) will take effect as of the day of the qualifying event, as long as the changes are made within 31 days of the event and you have already met the Plan's eligibility requirements (90-day window in the case of the birth/adoption of a child, or your death or death of an eligible dependent). Otherwise, you will not be able to make the change in coverage until the following Annual Benefits Enrollment. Please see "Qualified Status Change" for more information.
* Special restrictions may apply concerning the processing of spending account enrollments and payroll contributions after mid-December of any year. Please contact HR Answers for more information.
** Your Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts are administered by your Health Care Company (Aetna/PayFlex or Cigna). If you do not participate in a JPMC Medical Plan then your Spending Account Administrator is Cigna. Generally, if you make a Medical Plan Carrier change after January 31 or any given year, the administration of your Spending Accounts will remain with the Health Care Company you chose at the beginning of that year.
Transportation Spending Accounts
For the Transportation Spending Accounts, you can enroll or change your elections at any time. Please see "Enrolling in the Transportation Account" for detailed enrollment information.