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When Participation Ends
Note that for the Spending Accounts, you are "participating" when you are actively making contributions to your account(s). In general, participation (your contributions) in the Spending Accounts will end on the last day of the month (Dependent Care Spending Account and Transportation Spending Account will end on the effective date) in which:
  • Your employment with JPMorgan Chase is terminated for any reason (and, for the Health Care Spending Account, you don't elect COBRA coverage, if available);
  • You cancel coverage or participation because of a Qualified Status Change (QSC) (cancellation must be consistent with the QSC);
  • You no longer meet the eligibility requirements;
  • You stop making required contributions;
  • You choose not to re-enroll in the Health Care Spending Account or the Dependent Care Spending Account for the following year during the annual benefits enrollment period (in which case coverage will end on December 31 of the current year);
  • You choose to discontinue your enrollment in the Transportation Spending Account;
  • The accounts are discontinued; or
  • You pass away.
If you go on an approved leave of absence, your participation in the Dependent Care Spending Account and the Transportation Spending Account ends on the effective start date of your leave.
Coverage for your dependents ends the earlier of when your coverage ends (such as if you leave JPMorgan Chase or otherwise become ineligible for JPMorgan Chase coverage) or when the dependent no longer meets the dependent eligibility requirements. Dependent eligibility requirements are available on My Health and within Health Care Participation section of this Guide.