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Appealing a Claim
If a claim for reimbursement under the Expatriate Medical and/or Expatriate Dental Plans is denied, either in whole or in part, you can appeal the denial by following the appropriate procedures described in the Plan Administration section.
JPMorgan Chase is not involved in deciding appeals for any benefit claim denied under the Expatriate Medical Plan and/or Expatriate Dental Plans. All fiduciary responsibility and decisions regarding a claim for a denied benefit under these Plans rest solely with Cigna Global Health Benefits.
Help Pursuing Claims
You may authorize someone else to pursue claim information on your behalf. If you do so, you must notify the claims administrator in writing of your choice of an authorized representative.
For the Expatriate Medical and Dental Plans, your claims administrator will provide you with a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) consent form that you must use to specify the extent to which your personal representative is authorized to act on your behalf. This form must be on file with your claims administrator prior to any action by your personal representative.
If you would like to designate an authorized representative for claims related to eligibility to participate in a plan, please contact HR Answers.