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Expatriate Dental Plan

The Expatriate Dental Plan, administered by Cigna Global Health Benefits, offers you and your enrolled dependents coverage for a wide range of dental services, including preventive care, basic and major restorative care, and orthodontia dental services (for children up to age 19).
Key features include:
  • You pay nothing for preventive care such as oral exams, prophylaxis, X-rays, emergency palliative treatments, and sealants and fluoride treatments for children up to age 19.
  • Other dental expenses are subject to a deductible. After you satisfy the deductible, the Expatriate Dental Plan generally pays 75% for basic restorative and 50% for major restorative care up to a $2,000 annual maximum benefit per individual.
  • 50% coverage for orthodontic appliances and treatment up to a $2,500 lifetime maximum benefit for children up to age 19.
  • You may use any licensed provider, but if you visit a participating network dentist in the United States, you can realize cost savings while having access to quality care. Participating dentists and other dental providers have agreed to deliver covered dental services at pre-negotiated discounted rates.
  • If you visit a non-network dentist in the U.S. or outside the U.S., you may have to file your own claims if the dentist will not bill Cigna Global Health Benefits directly.
Find a U.S. Dental Provider
You can easily check which U.S. dental providers participate in the Cigna Dental PPO Network in the U.S. by using the Provider Directory available on the Cigna Envoy website at or by calling Cigna Global Health Benefits.
Please Note: Before receiving services, you should always check with your dental health care provider to ensure that he or she continues to participate in the network.