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Paper Claims Submissions
You can use the same Cigna Global Health Benefits claim form to claim reimbursement for medical, dental, and/or prescription drug expenses. You can download a claim form from the Cigna Envoy website at (in 16 different languages).
Completed claim forms, with original itemized bills, should be sent to Cigna Global Health Benefits via:
  • Fax: (302) 797-3150 (or ATT access code (800) 243-6998)
  • Mail:
    Cigna Global Health Benefits
    P.O. Box 15050
    Wilmington, DE 19850-5050
  • Courier:
    Cigna Global Health Benefits
    300 Bellevue Parkway
    Wilmington, DE 19809
  • Email: Email your claim form using the Cigna Envoy website at You will need to scan your receipts and attach the scanned copies to your email.
Claims submitted for payment in U.S. dollars will generally be processed within 10 business days from the date complete information is received by Cigna Global Health Benefits, regardless of the language or currency.