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Temporary Reduced Schedule Return to Work/Partial Short-Term Disability Pay
The partial return to work program is designed to assist employees who are actively recovering from a short-term injury or illness with the expectation that they will return to full duty work without restrictions generally within eight weeks of the start of their partial return to work under this policy.
  • If you qualify for a partial return to work program, JPMorgan Chase may provide temporary modifications, including the reduction of your regularly scheduled work hours, to accommodate temporary work-related restrictions and to promote a gradual transition to full duty. The following are generally required:
    • Your health care provider's support of a defined, short-term, transitional/reduced work schedule; and
    • Your line of business management's agreement that a transitional assignment can be made available based on business requirements and critical job function needs.
  • If a transitional assignment requires a reduced-work schedule, JPMorgan Chase will pay for your hours worked. You may receive additional pay or disability pay for the non-working portion of the day if you're working less than 80% of your normal work schedule. This pay will follow the short-term disability pay outlined in the Length and Amount of Benefits and Short-term Disability Pay Schedule sections for your partial return to work. However, if you return to transitional assignment and are able to work 80% or your normal schedule, you will not be paid disability pay for the hours not worked.
  • A transitional assignment is temporary in nature and would normally not exceed six to eight weeks. Your daily hours of work would increase over the course of the transitional assignment.
  • Your Sedgwick case manager will work with you and your manager regarding the transitional assignment.
  • If you are not able to return to a full schedule in six to eight weeks and you have remaining STD benefits available, you will be returned to full STD status or be considered for Long-Term Disability benefits, if available.
  • If you have exhausted all available disability benefits, the Sedgwick case manager will contact the appropriate HR Business Partner or HR Support Team to evaluate further options.
  • If you need a different form of accommodation to resume your essential job duties you should contact Sedgwick and your HR Support Team. For details, please see the Accommodating Disabilities and Temporary Work Restrictions Policy, available at me@jpmc > HR Policies > Employee Assistance.
  • Please Note: Employees on a transitional assignment are not generally eligible for overtime assignments.