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State Disability Benefits
California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island have disability laws requiring short-term disability payments. Disability provisions vary as to eligibility, cost, and the portion of regular pay that's provided.
In Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York, JPMorgan Chase self-insures the state statutory benefits as well as the STD Plan. In these states, if you qualify for short-term disability benefits and are approved, you will receive two checks, one representing the approved short-term disability pay that you receive under the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan and the other for any state disability benefits for which you may be eligible and are approved.
Furthermore, for these states, if the state statutory benefit is more generous, Sedgwick, the claims administrator for the STD Plan, will ensure you receive the appropriate benefit under the applicable state requirement.
If you are not eligible for short-term disability pay under the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan, but are eligible for the state statutory portion of the short-term disability pay benefit, you will receive the state statutory benefit from JPMorgan Chase.
Important Note About California and Rhode Island Disability Benefits
  • For employees with non-work related illnesses or injuries who work in California and Rhode Island, any short-term disability pay you are eligible to receive under the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan will be reduced or offset by the amount of the state statutory benefits you are expected to receive. The offset will be taken even if you do not actually apply for the benefits. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you submit a disability claim to the applicable state for these benefits as soon as possible based on the state's guidelines. If you receive a lower amount of state benefits than expected, please contact JPMorgan Chase so that your offset amount can be reviewed and recalculated, if necessary.
  • The JPMorgan Chase claims administrator will determine the appropriate offset to be applied.
  • Once you report your leave of absence by calling JPMorgan Chase Disability Service Center (please see the "Questions" box under the "The Short-Term Disability Plan" for contact information), you will receive a packet of information, which will include information and directions to file for the state statutory benefits and for benefits under JPMorgan Chase's STD Plan. Note: There are deadlines associated with both state and STD Plan benefits that may affect the total amount you are eligible to receive. You are encouraged to complete and submit your claim form to the state and to Sedgwick in a timely manner.
  • For more information regarding California SDI, you may contact a Disability Insurance Customer Service Center at (800) 480-3287. TTY (for deaf or hearing impaired individuals only) is available by calling (800) 563-2441. You may also obtain information online at
  • For more information regarding Rhode Island SDI, you may contact a Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance Representative at (401) 462-8420 and select option #1 for an application or file online at