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What Is Not Covered

The JPMorgan Chase STD Plan does not cover any disability that results from:
  • War — declared or undeclared — or any act of war;
  • Active participation in a riot;
  • Your participation in a felony; or
  • Disability related to elective cosmetic surgery or recuperation from such surgery. However, any medical complications resulting from such surgeries may be covered under the STD Plan and will be evaluated on an individual basis at the discretion of Sedgwick, the claims administrator.
If you suffer an illness or injury but are considered able to work, you will not be eligible for short-term disability pay under the STD Plan if the sole reason you do not report to work is due to your inability to commute to your workplace. (If this is an issue that affects you, please see the JPMorgan Chase Accommodating Disabilities and Temporary Work Restrictions Policy, available at me@jpmc > HR Policies > Employee Assistance.)
For more information on what is covered and not covered under the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan, please contact HR Answers (please see the "Questions" box under the "The Short-Term Disability Plan" for contact information.)