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Additional Plan Information

Your primary contact for all matters relating to the general administration of the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan is HR Answers (please see the "Questions" box under the "The Short-Term Disability Plan" for contact information).
Your short-term disability pay under the STD Plan is provided under the terms of the official insurance policies and/or contracts, if any, issued to JPMorgan Chase. Sedgwick has complete authority to determine whether your claim of a non-occupational disability meets the standard of the STD Plan for which benefits are payable, and to authorize the payment of any such benefits.
The applicable Workers' Compensation administrator will determine whether you've incurred an occupational disability for which benefits are payable, and will pay any such benefits. All claims appeals for occupational illnesses or injuries should be directed to the appropriate state Workers' Compensation Board or Industrial Commission.
Please Note: No person or group, other than the plan administrator, has any authority to interpret the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan (or official STD Plan documents) or to make any promises to you about them. The plan administrator has complete authority in his or her sole and absolute discretion to construe and interpret the terms of the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan and any underlying policies and/or contracts, including the eligibility to participate in the STD Plan. All decisions of the plan administrator are final and binding upon all affected parties.