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When Coverage Ends

Your coverage for short-term disability pay under the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan will end on the earliest of the following:
  • The date you are no longer disabled as determined by Sedgwick or the applicable Workers' Compensation administrator;
  • The date you reach the maximum time limit for short-term disability pay* (i.e., a one-week wait period plus 25 weeks of short-term disability pay for each approved disability)
  • The date your employment with JPMorgan Chase ends due to an involuntary termination (excluding a reduction in force);
  • The date the STD Plan is discontinued or amended;
  • The date you die; or
  • The date the plan administrator determines that your coverage ends due to failure to comply with STD Plan provisions.
* If you're still disabled after a 26-week short-term disability period, you may then be eligible for benefits under the JPMorgan Chase Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan — provided you had JPMorgan Chase-provided LTD coverage or you elected coverage under the LTD Plan before becoming disabled. Please see the Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan section for more information.
If your benefits under the STD Plan end and you are unable to return to work, your employment and your participation and coverage in the JPMorgan Chase benefit plans will generally end unless you are approved for additional leave under another JPMorgan Chase policy, such as the Accommodating Disabilities and Temporary Work Restrictions Policy. For details, please refer to the "Return from Leave" section of the Short-Term Disability Policy, available from me@jpmc > HR Policies > Leaves of Absence > Short-Term Disability. If you participate in the LTD Plan and receive LTD benefits, then you may continue to participate in certain benefits plans and receive pay credits under the Retirement Plan.
Please Note: If you voluntarily end your employment during a period of approved short-term disability leave or if you are terminated due to job elimination, you will continue to receive short-term disability pay for the remainder of the leave duration for which you are eligible under the JPMorgan Chase STD Plan. If you voluntarily end your employment prior to an involuntarily termination, as determined by the claims administrator, you will not be eligible for continued short-term disability pay.