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How the STD Plan Works

Length and Amount of Benefits
If you are an eligible employee and suffer a non-occupational illness or injury, short-term disability pay under the STD Plan will not begin immediately. No benefits under the STD Plan are available until you have been disabled for seven consecutive calendar days (the "Wait Period," as defined under "Defined Terms"). This means that you will not receive pay for those days unless you have paid time off available to you, in which case it will be applied on your behalf.
If you meet the eligibility criteria for short-term disability pay described, beginning on the eighth consecutive calendar day of your short-term disability leave you may be eligible to receive short-term disability pay at either 100% or 60% pay (for up to 25 weeks for each approved disability), in accordance with the Short-Term Disability Pay Schedule below. (In certain instances, employees may receive short-term disability pay at a higher percentage of pay than 60%, in accordance with applicable statutory requirements in their state.)
The number of weeks of short-term disability pay at 100% or 60% pay for which you may be eligible is determined by your completed years of recognized service and your scheduled hours status as of the beginning of your approved short-term disability leave and the number of weeks of short-term disability pay that you may have already received in the calendar year in which your short-term disability begins. If you have multiple short-term disability leaves that begin within the same calendar year, you will receive the 60% benefit once you have reached the maximum number of weeks at 100% within the calendar year (please see "Multiple Short-Term Disability Leaves").