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STD Plan Highlights

Your Coverage
The STD Plan provides time off, and if eligible, financial protection of full or partial pay for approved periods of disability.
  • Full-time and part-time employees may receive up to 26 weeks of time off for each approved Short-Term Disability Leave.
  • Full-time and part-time employees may be eligible to receive short-term disability pay at either 100% or 60% pay in accordance with the "Short-Term Disability Pay Schedule" (up to 25 weeks for each approved disability leave – please see "Multiple Short-Term Disability Leaves" to learn how the 25 weeks are counted in cases of multiple disabilities during a calendar year).
  • Hourly paid employees who are approved for short-term disability pay will be paid according to the number of scheduled work hours in the pay period.
  • Exempt salary paid employees will be paid consistent with how regular pay is calculated.
  • The STD Plan does not provide for unpaid disability leave. Please consult the Short-Term Disability Leave Policy for information on unpaid disability leave.
  • Employees who work in New Jersey may receive 100% or 66.67% of pay in accordance with state statutory benefits.
  • Employees who work in New York may receive 100% or 50% of pay in accordance with the statutory benefits.
Short-term disability pay is payable only if your claim is approved for short-term disability or Workers' Compensation benefits. You may not receive more than 100% of your pay between any non-occupational state disability or occupational Workers' Compensation disability benefits and the short-term disability pay you may be eligible to receive under the STD Plan. The claims administrator has the discretionary authority to determine employees' short-term disability pay.
Right to Recovery
If the STD Plan provides pay for approved periods of disability that are later determined to be as a result of an illness or injury for which another person or entity is legally responsible, the STD Plan has the right to recover payment from you or from the person or entity who is determined to be legally responsible. Assignment of your claim to a third party does not exempt you from your responsibility for repaying the STD Plan. You must notify the STD Plan promptly of any circumstance in which a third party may be responsible for compensating you with respect to an illness or injury that results in the STD Plan providing financial protection for approved periods of disability.