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Non-Duplication of Benefits
The JPMorgan Chase health care plans do not allow for duplication of benefits. If you and your eligible dependents are covered under more than one group plan, the primary plan (the one responsible for paying benefits first) needs to be determined. The non-duplication provisions of the JPMorgan Chase health care plans will ensure that, in total, you receive benefits up to what you would have received with the JPMorgan Chase plans as your only source of coverage (but not in excess of that amount), based on the primary carrier's allowable amount.
A summary of coordination rules (that is, how JPMorgan Chase coordinates coverage with another group plan to ensure non-duplication of benefits) follows. If you have questions, please contact your health care company for help. (Please see contact information in the Contacts section.)
Here's an example of how the JPMorgan Chase health care plans coordinate benefits with other group health care plans:
  • Assume your spouse/domestic partner has a necessary covered procedure with a reasonable and customary (R&C) charge of $100 after meeting any deductible.
  • If your spouse/domestic partner's plan (which we'll assume is primary) pays 70% for that procedure, your spouse/domestic partner will receive a $70 benefit (70% of $100).
  • Also assume that your JPMorgan Chase health care plan (which we'll assume is your spouse/domestic partner's secondary coverage and that the deductible has already been satisfied)—would pay 80% for this necessary procedure. In this case, your spouse/domestic partner normally would receive an $80 benefit (80% of $100) from the JPMorgan Chase plan.
  • Since your spouse/domestic partner already received $70 from his or her primary plan, he or she would receive the balance ($10) from the JPMorgan Chase plan.
  • If, however, your JPMorgan Chase plan considered the R&C charge to be $80, no additional benefit would be payable, as the JPMorgan Chase plan would pay 80% of $80, or $64. As that amount would have already been paid by your spouse/domestic partner's plan, no additional benefit would be payable from the JPMorgan Chase plan.