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Claims Related to Eligibility to Participate in the Plans and Plan Operations

This section provides information about the claims and appeals process for questions relating to eligibility to participate in the plans, such as whether you meet the requirements of employees/dependents/beneficiaries who are allowed to obtain benefits under the plans, and whether you are eligible for Medical Reimbursement Account (MRA) funds. In addition, if, with respect to the plans subject to ERISA, you have a type of claim that is not otherwise described in this Guide, including claims related to general plan operations or Section 510 of ERISA, you must file your claim in accordance with this section. For information on filing claims for benefits, please see "Claiming Benefits: Plans Subject to ERISA."
In addition, for appeals relating to eligibility to participate in the Short-Term Disability Plan, the plan administrator delegates responsibility to decide the appeals to the Short-Term Disability Plan Appeals Committee.
Help Pursuing Claims for Eligibility
You may authorize someone else to pursue claim information on your behalf. If you would like to designate an authorized representative for claims related to eligibility to participate in a plan, please contact HR Answers.