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You are eligible for short-term disability leave if:
  • You are an employee on a U.S. payroll of the firm, subject to FICA withholding;
  • You are actively at work or are on a leave of absence approved under the Family and Medical Leave Policy, Parental Leave Policy, are on another type of approved leave of absence (as determined by the JPMC Leave Management), are already on an approved short-term disability leave, or are on an approved safety-related leave (as determined by JPMC Leave Management), when you have another need for short-term disability leave; or you have been released to return to work and are in a job-search period following an approved leave of absence;
  • You file your completed claim any time prior to and no later than 30 calendar days after the first day of absence and it is approved by the appropriate claims administrator; and
  • You provide the required medical documentation no later than 30 calendar days after the date your completed claim is filed (effective August 1, 2021).
The following individuals (or other similarly situated individuals) are not eligible for short-term disability pay under the STD Plan, even if they are later found by a court order or government entity to be "common law employees" of a participating employer:
  • Independent contractors, agents, and their employees;
  • Interns; and/or
  • Leased, temporary, and occasional/seasonal employees.