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Claiming Benefits
Onsite services provided by Health & Wellness Center staff are usually provided at no cost to U.S. benefits eligible employees, so no claims for reimbursement need to be filed. Fees for evaluation by specialists (e.g., orthopedists, sports medicine physicians), where available, will be discussed with you when you make an appointment and will be billed to your medical plan by the specialist. Fees for laboratory testing of blood drawn by Health & Wellness Center staff will be submitted to your medical plan by the external lab that tests the blood sample. If an onsite provider writes a prescription, the pharmacist will submit the claim to your prescription plan.
The Plan Administration section contains more detailed information regarding claiming benefits related to the Health & Wellness Centers Plan. Please see the Plan Administration section for information regarding how to:
  • File claims or appeals regarding benefits under the Health & Wellness Centers Plan; and
  • Appeal a decision made by the Health & Wellness Centers with respect to eligibility for benefits.