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Health & Wellness Centers Highlights

Available Services
The JPMorgan Chase Health & Wellness Centers Plan offers the following services to U.S. benefits-eligible employees:
  • Emergency evaluation;
  • Medical services for acute/urgent and episodic conditions;
  • Consultation for appropriate next steps in plan of care;
  • Wellness Screenings and other onsite evaluations;
  • Flu shots (in season);
  • Travel Health information and vaccinations; and
  • Information regarding health issues and health resources that are available to you.
Using Services
You do not need an appointment to visit a Health & Wellness Center, although you may call ahead to reserve one. You may also visit a Health & Wellness Center while traveling to or near a JPMorgan Chase location other than your usual place of work. See "Locations" below for information on how to access a directory of Health & Wellness Centers.
JPMorgan Chase has onsite Health & Wellness Centers throughout the United States. The Health & Wellness Centers Directory on My Health has a list of JPMorgan Chase Health & Wellness Centers locations, phone numbers, and hours.