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Available Services and Their Costs

The Health & Wellness Centers Plan provides for acute/urgent medical services and educational resources to be available at onsite centers. The Health & Wellness Centers offer medical care, treatment, and resources for medical emergencies, injuries, or the sudden onset of illnesses. Onsite nurses and, in many cases, physicians or nurse practitioners are available to act as advisors and help you connect with your health care company's coaching programs and other support. In certain larger locations, Employee Assistance Program counselors are also available onsite to help you deal with challenging situations.
Specific services available at onsite Health & Wellness Centers include:
  • Emergency evaluation;
  • Limited acute/urgent and episodic care;
  • Practitioner evaluations and prescriptions, as appropriate and where available;
  • Blood drawing for lab tests (the laboratory fee for the testing of the blood will be submitted to your medical plan by the external lab that tests the blood sample);
  • Travel health information and vaccinations;
  • Flu shots (in season);
  • Wellness Screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, and body mass index (BMI) numbers;
  • Assistance with referrals to Physicians if requested; and
  • Guidance regarding questions about your health.
There are many medical services that are not covered by the Health & Wellness Centers Plan. For example, treatment that is generally provided in a hospital emergency room is not covered by the Plan. To learn if a specific service is available, please contact your local Health & Wellness Center. Please see the Contacts section for contact information.