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Who's Not Eligible?

An individual who does not meet the criteria under "Who's Eligible?" as well as an individual classified or employed in a work status other than as a common law salaried employee by his or her employer is not eligible for the Plan regardless of whether an administrative or judicial proceeding subsequently determines this individual to have instead been a common law salaried employee.
Examples of such individuals include an:
  • Independent contractor/agent (or its employee);
  • Intern; and/or
  • Occasional/seasonal, leased, or temporary employee
Even if You Are Ineligible, or at a Different Work Location
The Health & Wellness Centers are available to provide assistance for treatment of an urgent health condition, illness, or injury that occurs during working hours, even if you are not otherwise eligible.
This includes while traveling to or near a JPMorgan Chase location other than your usual place of work.