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Company-Paid Basic Life Insurance

Your company-paid basic life insurance is equal to one times your Total Annual Cash Compensation (TACC), up to $100,000. If your TACC is not an even multiple of $1,000, your coverage will be raised to the next higher $1,000. JPMorgan Chase pays the full cost of this coverage.
Please Note: Separate definitions other than what are described here may apply to employees in certain positions who are paid on a draw-and-commission basis. If this situation applies to you, you will be notified.
Upon termination of employment, your company-paid Basic Life Insurance is cancelled.
Your basic life insurance benefit is paid to your beneficiary upon your death, regardless of the reason for your death. Please see "Beneficiaries" for more information about naming a beneficiary.
The Basic Life Insurance Plan is provided through an insurance policy issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife).