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Evidence of Insurability
Evidence of insurability (EOI) is required if you are electing Group LTD or IDI coverage after declining when first eligible (and you are not a newly hired employee or a newly eligible employee) and for increases in the Group LTD benefit option above the assigned option indicated on your Personalized Fact Sheet during Annual Benefits Enrollment. If you elect a Group LTD coverage level that requires EOI, you will need to complete an EOI form from Prudential at the time you enroll and/or a Unum EOI form from Covala after you have elected IDI coverage. If you do not complete and return the EOI form or if your application is not approved, only previously assigned coverage amounts not requiring EOI will be effective, which might include no coverage.
Please Note: If you complete Evidence of Insurability (EOI), Prudential considers any statements you make in a signed application for coverage a representation. If any of the statements made by you are not complete and/or not true at the time they are made, Prudential reserves the right to reduce or deny any claim, or cancel your coverage within two (2) years of the effective date of your coverage.