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When Benefits Begin and End
Individual Disability Insurance has an elimination period of 180 days. This means that no benefits are payable under IDI until you have been disabled for 180 days. Benefits can begin after your elimination period has been satisfied if Unum determines that you are disabled. Please see "How to Enroll" for the definition of "Disabled" under IDI.
Benefits continue as long as you meet the terms and conditions of your policy and continue to provide the necessary evidence of your disability. However, your benefits may also be subject to maximum payment periods, depending on your age at the time the disability begins, as shown in this chart:
If You're This Age When Disability Begins…
Benefits Are Payable up to…
Under 61
Age 65
48 months
42 months
36 months
30 months
65 - 74
24 months
75 or older
12 months
Your benefits will end at the end of the maximum payment period, or earlier, if:
  • You are no longer disabled (as determined by Unum);
  • You fail to provide satisfactory evidence of your disability;
  • You are no longer under the care of a physician, unless you provide written proof signed by a doctor to Unum that further physician's care would be of no benefit to you;
  • Your disability earnings exceed the amount allowable; or
  • You pass away.