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Claiming Benefits
The following information explains when and how to file claims for Group LTD Plan benefits.
How to File Claims
If your disability under the JPMorgan Chase Short-Term Disability Plan could potentially continue beyond 26 weeks and you participate in Group LTD coverage, your claim is automatically transferred to Group LTD administrator. Prudential will make a determination as to your eligibility for long-term disability benefits. Then, Prudential will work with you to ensure that you are aware of all requirements to continue benefits under Group LTD.
The following information explains the claims process to receive benefits under Group LTD.
Group LTD Claims Process
If You Have a Non-Occupational Total Disability
If You Have an Occupational Disability
  • If your disability under the Short-Term Disability Plan could potentially continue beyond 26 weeks, your claim is automatically referred to Group LTD administrator, if you were automatically enrolled for Group LTD or you elected this coverage; and
  • Prudential will determine whether you're eligible for benefits under Group LTD.
  • Prudential is notified of an occupational disability (workers' compensation) claim for Group LTD benefits; and
  • Prudential determines your eligibility under Group LTD, and works with the workers' compensation carrier.
Prudential will stay in contact with you through the duration of your disability, requiring updates on your medical information. When your licensed practitioner determines you may return to work, you should immediately notify your Prudential disability claim manager.