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What Is Covered

Each of the Dental Plan options covers a wide variety of services, as long as the services are necessary and their costs either do not exceed negotiated fees for in-network services, or are not reasonable and customary (R&C) charges for out-of-network services if allowed for under an option . (Please see "Defined Terms" for the definitions of "Necessary Services" and "Reasonable and Customary Charges.") Covered services and frequency limits under each JPMorgan Chase Dental Plan option may differ. The following lists include examples of covered services, but the lists are not exhaustive and coverage remains subject to any Plan requirements or limitations. For specific information on the PDP, DMO and DHMO's covered services and frequency limits, please contact the appropriate claims administrator (MetLife, Aetna, or Cigna) directly, using the telephone numbers provided under "Where to Submit Claims." The list of covered services may change at any time.