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You Go on Unpaid Leave
For medical, dental, and vision coverage: For an approved unpaid leave of absence, the Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans will still cover you, as long as you make any required contributions. You will be directly billed for any required contributions on an after-tax basis. You will also still be covered by the Health & Wellness Centers Plan.
If you do not make the required contributions to continue your coverage in a timely manner, your coverage will be canceled. However, your coverage may be reinstated when you return to work.
For the Health Care Spending and Dependent Care Spending Accounts: During an approved unpaid leave of absence, you may continue to make monthly contributions to the Health Care Spending Account on an after-tax basis, via your benefits invoice. If you stop making contributions, your participation in the Health Care Spending Account will terminate while you are on a leave and you may not receive reimbursement for any health care expenses you incur after your coverage terminated. You may not make contributions to a Dependent Care Spending Account during an unpaid leave. For the Dependent Care Spending Account, you may use your account balance only for eligible expenses incurred prior to the date of your approval to go on unpaid leave, and must files those claims by March 31 of the next calendar year.
For the Transportation Spending Account, you must disenroll and any unused credits in your account(s) will be forfeited. If you know you will be going on a leave, you should change your contribution amount to zero approximately one month before your leave begins in order to avoid forfeiting any contributions. Expenses incurred after your leave begins will not be eligible for reimbursement or payment from your account(s). If you wish to continue participation after you return to active service, you must re-enroll. However if you participated in the "Pay Me Back" option, you have 180 days following the end of any particular benefit month you participated in the program to file claims for reimbursement from your "Pay Me Back" account.
For life and accident coverage: While you are on an unpaid leave, you will continue to pay your premiums for supplemental term life and AD&D insurance to JPMorgan Chase. Your basic life insurance continues at no cost to you. Your business travel accident insurance will end.
For Group Legal Services Plan coverage, you will be billed monthly to continue coverage.
For Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance Plan coverage, you will be billed monthly to continue coverage.