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You Go on Approved Family and Medical Leave
You may continue many of your elected benefits while you are on an approved family and medical leave, provided you make the necessary contributions in a timely manner. Benefits that do not continue while you are on family leave include Business Travel Accident Insurance, the Dependent Care Spending Account, and the Transportation Spending Accounts.
Generally, if your benefits coverage ended during your leave, you may resume your benefits coverage within 31 days following your return to work.
Special Rules for Health Care Spending Account
Special rules apply to your Health Care Spending Account. When you take a leave covered under the Family and Medical Leave Policy, the entire amount you elected under your Health Care Spending Account will be available to you during your leave period, less any prior reimbursements that you have received for that plan year, as long as you continue to make your contributions during your leave of absence. If you stop making contributions, your participation in the Health Care Spending Account will terminate while you are on a leave and you may not receive reimbursement for any health care expenses you incur after your coverage terminated.
If your Health Care Spending Account participation terminates during your leave, your Health Care Spending Account contributions will begin again if you return to work during the same year in which your leave began. You will not be able to submit claims for reimbursement for expenses incurred during your leave, and your contributions will increase to "make up" for the contributions you missed during your leave. The amount available for reimbursement will be the same annual amount you elected before the leave.
You may not use your Health Care Spending Account for expenses incurred during the period you did not participate.