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You Go on Long-Term Disability
If you receive long-term disability (LTD) benefits from the JPMorgan Chase Long-Term Disability Plan (LTD Plan), you will continue to be eligible to participate in the following benefits* as long as you continue to make timely premium payments:
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Group Legal
  • Group Personal Excess Liability Plan
  • Basic Life Insurance (fully paid by JPMC)
  • Supplemental Term Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
* You can also continue participation in the Health & Wellness Centers Plan.
You'll be eligible to continue these benefit plans at active employee rates for the first 24 months after going on approved LTD (that is, 30 months from the date of disability). The premiums will be converted to a monthly rate, and you will be required to pay for this coverage monthly on an after-tax basis. You will pay for this coverage on a direct-bill basis with JPMorgan Chase's administrator.
If you are an expatriate and you qualify for long-term disability (LTD) benefits from a JPMorgan Chase long-term disability plan, your expatriate assignment will end and, coincidentally, so will your eligibility for the Expatriate Medical and Dental Plan options. You must then elect coverage under your home country Medical and/or Dental Plan options, if available. If you are a U.S. home-based expatriate employee, medical coverage under one of the U.S. domestic options may continue while you are receiving LTD benefits under the U.S. LTD Plan. Be sure to consider this carefully before you decline coverage under the LTD Plan.
In certain cases, you may be temporarily approved for additional leave under another JPMorgan Chase Policy, such as the Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy. (For details on medical plan coverage should you become eligible for Medicare during this timeframe, please see "You Are on LTD and Become Eligible for Medicare.")
Absent any temporary leave accommodation, your employment with JPMorgan Chase will end immediately after you have received 24 months of payments under the LTD Plan. However, you will continue to be eligible for LTD benefits provided you meet all eligibility provisions of the LTD Plan. Even if your LTD benefits end, you may be able to continue medical, dental, vision, and Health & Wellness Centers coverage for a certain period under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). (Please see "Continuing Coverage Under COBRA" in the Health Care Participation section for more information on COBRA.)
Please Note: If you became disabled before January 1, 2011, your coverage will continue at active employee rates while you receive benefits under the Long-Term Disability Plan. If you do not make the required contributions to continue your coverage, your coverage will be canceled. Reinstatement is available for only the JPMC Medical plan within 6 months of coverage termination. Impacted employees should call HR Answers for the amount owed to reinstate coverage and information about the process.
For the Health Care Spending Account, while you are receiving benefits under the JPMorgan Chase LTD Plan, you may continue to make monthly contributions to the Health Care Spending Account on an after-tax basis via direct bill. Participation in the Health Care Spending Account will cease at the end of the benefit plan year in which you start to receive LTD benefits.
For the Dependent Care Spending Account: For the Dependent Care Spending Account, you may use your account balance only for eligible expenses incurred prior to your LTD effective date and must file those claims by March 31 of the next calendar year.
For the Transportation Spending Account, your participation is suspended and any unused credits in your account(s) will be forfeited if you do not return from LTD. If you know you will be going on a leave, you should change your contribution amount to zero approximately one month before your leave begins to avoid forfeiting any contributions. Expenses incurred after your leave begins will not be eligible for reimbursement or payment from your account(s). If you wish to continue participation after you return to active service, you must re-enroll. However if you participated in the "Pay Me Back" option, you have 180 days following the end of any particular benefit month you participated in the program to file claims for reimbursement from your "Pay Me Back" account.
Your Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan coverage does not continue while you are receiving LTD benefits.