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When Coverage Ends
Group legal coverage ends on your last day of active employment. Your coverage can also end when:
  • You stop paying applicable premiums or in any other way become ineligible to participate in the plan; or
  • After you have been receiving long-term disability benefits for 24 months.
Continuing Coverage After It Ends
You cannot convert or port your coverage, but you are eligible to continue your current coverage through the end of the calendar year in which you leave, provided that you pay the balance of the policy in full directly to Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services.
If your coverage ends because you leave JPMorgan Chase, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., the plan administrator, will contact you with instructions for continuing your coverage and paying the balance. If your payment is not received within 31 days, your policy will be canceled effective as of your termination date. You may not continue to participate in the program after the end of the policy year in which you were an active employee.