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Defined Terms

As you read this summary of the JPMorgan Chase Group Personal Excess Liability Plan, you'll come across some important terms related to the Plan. To help you better understand the Plan, many of those important terms are defined here.
Bodily Injury
Bodily injury means physical bodily harm, including sickness or disease that results from it, and required care, loss of services and resulting death.
Covered Person
A covered person includes:
  • You or a family member*;
  • Any person using a vehicle or watercraft covered under the Plan with permission from you or a family member with respect to their legal responsibility arising out of its use;
  • Any other person who is a covered person under your required primary underlying insurance;
  • Any person or organization with respect to their legal responsibility for covered acts or omissions of you or a family member; or
  • Any combination of the above.
* Family member means your spouse or domestic partner or other relative who lives with you, or any other person under 25 in your care or your relative's care, who lives with you.
Damages means the sum that is paid or is payable to satisfy a claim settled by Chubb or resolved by judicial procedure or by a compromise agreed to in writing.
Follow Form
Follow Form means that Chubb covers damages to the extent they are both covered under the required primary underlying insurance and not excluded under the Plan. The amount of coverage, defense coverages, cancellation and "other insurance" provisions of the Plan supersede and replace the similar provisions contained in such other policies. When the Group Personal Excess Liability Plan is called upon to pay losses in excess of required primary underlying policies exhausted by payment of claims, Chubb will not provide broader coverage than provided by such policies. When no primary underlying coverage exists, the extent of coverage provided on a follow form basis will be determined as if the required primary underlying insurance had been purchased from Chubb.
An occurrence is an accident or offense to which this insurance applies and which begins within the Plan period. Continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same general conditions, unless excluded, is considered to be one occurrence.
Personal Injury
A personal injury includes the following injuries, and resulting death:
  • Bodily injury;
  • Shock, mental anguish, or mental injury;
  • False arrest, false imprisonment, or wrongful detention;
  • Wrongful entry or eviction;
  • Malicious prosecution or humiliation; and
  • Libel, slander, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy.
Property Damage
Property damage means physical injury to or destruction of tangible property and the resulting loss of its use. Tangible property includes the cost of recreating or replacing stocks, bonds, deeds, mortgages, bank deposits, and similar instruments, but does not include the value represented by such instruments. Tangible property does not include the cost of recreating or replacing any software, data or other information that is in electronic form.
Registered Vehicle
A registered vehicle is any motorized land vehicle not described in "unregistered vehicle."

Sponsoring Organization
The sponsoring organization is the entity, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship sponsoring and defining the criteria for qualifications as an insured.
Underlying Insurance
Underlying insurance includes all liability coverage that applies to the covered damages, except for other insurance purchased in excess of the Group Personal Excess Liability Plan.
Unregistered Vehicle
An unregistered vehicle includes the following:
  • Any motorized land vehicle not designed for or required to be registered for use on public roads;
  • Any motorized land vehicle in dead storage at your residence;
  • Any motorized land vehicle used solely on and to service your residence premises;
  • Any motorized land vehicle used to assist the disabled that is not designed for or required to be registered for use on public roads; and
  • Golf carts.