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Evidence of Insurability
In certain instances, you may need to provide evidence of insurability (EOI) if you want to elect supplemental term life insurance above a certain amount for yourself and/or your spouse/domestic partner. (There are no EOI requirements to cover children.) EOI may be required for coverage elected during your designated enrollment period if:
  • You're electing new coverage or increasing employee supplemental term life insurance; or
  • You're electing new coverage or increasing adult dependent supplemental term life insurance.
You can access and complete the EOI form online on the Benefits Web Center.
If you do not complete the form online, you will be mailed a paper copy by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), the claims administrator, after you enroll. If you do not complete and return the EOI form, or if your application is not approved by the claims administrator, only elected coverage amounts not requiring EOI, if any, will be effective.
If you cancel or decrease coverage for yourself or your spouse/domestic partner and choose to increase coverage at a later date due to a Qualified Status Change (QSC) or during Annual Benefits Enrollment, all new coverage will be subject to EOI requirements at the time you make the new election.
When you are first eligible for coverage, evidence of insurability is generally required:
  • If employee coverage is greater than the lesser of three times your Total Annual Cash Compensation (TACC) or $500,000; and
  • If spouse/domestic partner coverage exceeds $50,000.
Special Enrollment Opportunities
Note that special enrollment periods may be offered from time to time, and the insurance carrier may have slightly different EOI rules during that special enrollment period. Special enrollments will be communicated by the plan administrator.