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MetroNorth Railroad and Long Island Railroad (LIRR)
If you live in the Metropolitan New York area and you commute to work using either MetroNorth Railroad or the Long Island Railroad, setting up your Transportation Spending Accounts is a two-step process:
1. You must first set up a Mail & Ride Account through the website. When you get to the home page, select either "MetroNorth Railroad" or "Long Island Railroad" and select "Travel" then "Mail and Ride." You should also indicate whether you want to pay by credit card or check (to be used for any costs above your before-tax payroll deductions).
2. Once you have set up your Mail & Ride account, you can then set up your before-tax election by logging onto the Transportation Spending Accounts Web Center (see access information under "Enrolling in the Transportation Account"). You can elect an amount up to the before-tax legal monthly limit or the full amount of your commuting cost. Your deductions will then be forwarded directly to the agency to pay for your ticket.
If your payroll deductions do not cover the full cost of your transit election, then the agency will either charge your credit card or request payment by check depending on the payment option you selected with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).
Please remember if you need to change your ticket (such as a home address change, origination station or destination station change), you must contact either MetroNorth or the Long Island Railroad. If the change you make results in a change in fare, you can enter the new amount on the Transportation Spending Account Web Center or contact the Transportation Spending Accounts Call Center (see "Enrolling in the Transportation Account" for contact information).
In the event you no longer commute using MetroNorth or LIRR, you must:
  • Cancel your commuter pass directly with MetroNorth or the LIRR; and
  • Contact Health Equity to discontinue your contributions.
This must be done by the first of the month before the month you wish the change to take effect.