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Expenses Not Eligible
The following expenses do not qualify as eligible expenses under the Transportation Spending Accounts. This list may change at any time.
Ineligible Transit Account Expenses
  • Car and/or vanpooling expenses with seating for fewer than six passengers (excluding the driver);
  • Taxicab fares (including ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft);
  • Valet;
  • Highway, bridge, or tunnel tolls;
  • Non-work-related transportation;
  • Reimbursed expenses incurred for business travel, such as traveling from the office to a business or client meeting, or traveling from one job to another;
  • Transit expenses incurred by other household members; and
  • Parking expenses. (These are covered under the Parking Account.)
Ineligible Parking Account Expenses
  • Non-work-related parking;
  • Parking paid for by JPMorgan Chase;
  • Parking costs incurred at a temporary work location (one year or less);
  • Parking at or near an employee's residence;
  • Parking expenses incurred by other household members;
  • Gasoline or mileage expenses;
  • Valet; and
  • Transit expenses. (These are covered under the Transit Account.)