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Contact Lenses
Please Note: Contacts are covered in place of coverage for eyeglass lenses. If you choose contacts, you won't be eligible to receive eyeglass lenses as a covered benefit during the same calendar year. Contact lens benefits are limited to one set per calendar year (whether the contacts are conventional, disposable, or medically necessary).
For information on lens fittings and follow-up, please see the Contact Lens Fit & Follow-Up benefits, under "Exams."
Care and Service
In-Network Cost
Non-Network Reimbursement
Conventional Contact Lenses
$0 copayment; $150 allowance, member pays 15% of any charge over $150
Reimbursed up to $120
Disposable Contact Lenses
$0 copayment; $150 allowance, member pays 100% of the cost above $150
Reimbursed up to $120
Medically Necessary Contacts
(see details, below)
$0 copayment; paid in full
Reimbursed up to $210