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Vision Coverage Highlights

My Health
My Health is your central online resource for our health care plans. From My Health you can easily connect to the EyeMed website to find in-network providers, check claims status, and much more.
Your Choices
The JPMorgan Chase Vision Plan lets you choose between an EyeMed network provider and a non-EyeMed network provider each time you need vision services. You will generally pay less for your eye care when you use an EyeMed network provider for two reasons:
  • EyeMed network provider eye care is generally covered at a higher benefit level than care received through a non-EyeMed network provider; and
  • EyeMed network providers have agreed to charge negotiated fees for their services and/or eyewear when treating JPMorgan Chase Vision Plan participants.
Your Coverage Level
Your coverage level is based on the dependents you enroll, as shown below:
  • Yourself only;
  • Yourself and your spouse/domestic partner, or yourself and your child(ren); or
  • Your family (yourself, your spouse/domestic partner, and your children).
Disabled Dependents Over Age 26
If you are not enrolled in one of the Medical plans but want to continue coverage for your dependent child over age 26 for the Dental and/or Vision plan, please contact your Medical plan carrier (Aetna or Cigna) to see if they qualify for continued coverage under these plans.
Covered Services
Covered services include all of the following:
  • Eye exams;
  • Lenses;
  • Frames; or
  • Contact lenses.
Vision Exams Not Covered by JPMC Medical Coverage
Because routine eye exams are not covered under the JPMorgan Chase Medical Plan options, you will need to enroll in the Vision Plan to be covered for routine vision benefits.