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Making the Changes
You need to enroll and/or add your eligible dependents within 31 days following the Qualified Status Change (QSC) (90 days if the qualifying event is the birth or adoption of a child) for benefits to be effective on the date of the event. Please Note: See "If You Do Not Enroll" for details on what happens if you miss the 31-day enrollment period. (You will have 90 days from the QSC to add any newly eligible dependents to the Medical Plan should that dependent pass away within this 90-day period; please call HR Answers if this situation applies to you.)
You can make these elections through the Benefits Web Center on My Health or by calling HR Answers.
Please Note: Documentation of dependent eligibility will be required when a dependent is added for coverage and may be requested at any time by JPMorgan Chase or the claims administrator. JPMorgan Chase or an administrator appointed by JPMorgan Chase regularly conducts dependent eligibility verification to ensure that all covered dependents meet the current eligibility requirements of the JPMorgan Chase U.S. Benefits Program. For details, please see "Important Note on Dependent Eligibility."