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What the Centers Provide

The JPMorgan Chase Back-Up Child Care Plan primarily provides child care for times when your regular child care arrangements are unavailable, or when school is closed for school-age children. The Plan allows you to use up to 20 days of care, per child, per year. Care is provided through two types of child care centers:
  • The 13 dedicated JPMorgan Chase child care centers, and
  • Approximately 400 Bright Horizons child care centers throughout the U.S. as well as temporary access to thousands of vetted non-Bright Horizons partner centers.
For a temporary period of time (e.g., through December 31, 2022), JPMorgan Chase has added full service care options along with the back-up care options currently offered at the 13 dedicated child care centers. Full-service care will be offered on a limited basis for infants through preschool.
Please note that full service care continues to be available beyond 2022, depending on availability.
To find a center for full service care, visit: