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When Payroll Contributions Begin
Your Medical, Dental and Vision Plan payroll contributions for the cost of coverage start when your coverage begins. Your contributions are automatically deducted from your pay in equal installments 24 times a year. This applies if you are a semimonthly paid employee or a biweekly paid employee. If you are paid biweekly and the month has three pay periods, no contributions will be taken from the third pay period.
If you have coverage but are not actively working because of an unpaid leave of absence, you will be directly billed for any required contributions on an after-tax basis.
Retroactive Contributions as Necessary
Be advised that payroll contributions are owed based upon your coverage effective date. Due to timing of payroll cycles, employees may experience retroactive payroll deductions where prior payroll contributions were due but not deducted due to timing of payroll processing. This can occur for any coverage election or change including new elections or midyear changes due to a qualifying event.